Dennis Roman / Bio & Point of View

Corporate Training for Sales Leadership, Business Development and CXO/Board Engagement. Launching new Fintech Brands. Managing Brands based on Cloud, AI, Agile, and Blockchain. Devise and deliver Brand Strategy and Trademarking. Company trainer and event MC. All things Marketing & Communications – A to Z+

Building, motivating, challenging and retaining talented teams. Formulate break-through strategies in parallel to executing Business as Usual programs with equal facility. Dramatic and impactful launches of new brands and reinvigorate the market re the more established solutions.

Marketing, Communications & Research – These three interrelated fields of expertise and domain knowledge guarantee delivery of highly valued results:
> Getting it Done – aka Mission Accomplished
> Getting it Right – Wow, that was really effective!
> Getting it When You Need it – Minimum table stakes to be credible

Let me also share this time tested framework. In general B2B marketing revolves around three great power centers:
1) Craft the right story that deserves to be told – customer examples, proof points, messages, metrics, ….
2) ID the most effective platform and/or speaker/author to tell that story – SoMe, webinar, collateral, media outlet, subject matter expert, domain guru, ….
3) Secure the proper audience to tell the story to – Boards of Directors, Managing Directors of profit centers, CIOs, Leaders of Operations, ….

Simple isn’t it. But if it is so simple why is it so often done with so little impact?