Our virtual workshops focus entirely around demonstrating the connections between Wall Street Concepts and the ‘C’ suite and Board Members with your firm’s various value propositions, offerings and solutions. So, upon completion, your Sales and Marketing teams will:

  • Know what could make these elevated buyers take special notice of you as a vendor
  • How to analyze a target company’s financial health and why that matters to the sales cycle
  • Determine which competitors are most relevant for comparison and leverage
  • How to locate the analytics and metrics to create a customer’s Wall Street profile
  • Begin to identify the best the arguments to be made concerning your offerings
  • Start testing them internally and then go out and close deals competitors cannot match    

Selling IT to more IT oriented buyers is the historical path and is how you would have reached the level of success you are at currently. However, you did that by banging heads with other IT vendors often pushing offerings not as worthy as your own, or worse, more relevant than your own. But imagine skipping these steps and going direct to the business buyers with your solutions. Don’t raise the bridge or lower the river. Just change who you are talking to but to do so you need to show up and execute with confidence using their vocabulary vs your historical comfort zone.