Whereas most sales improvement programs work around the margins of what might bring success, our pragmatic approach is a breakthrough strategy that starts working immediately not just for your company, but also for the customers you serve and the targets you seek engagement with.

We subscribe to the theory that the problem around building pipeline is predicated on the fact that there are always too many choices for buyers to pick from. Inherent in that simple observation is the bedrock issue that buyers can in fact choose from a basket of all too similar vendors. Or said backwards, various vendors could equally satisfy the customer’s ask. So why not stop first finding, and then putting so much emphasis on presenting one or two minor or even major differences in your offering as the distinguishing factors on your sales calls. Why not simply change who you are talking to (aka the ‘C’ suite) to easily break from the pack?

IT vendors are primarily comfortable taking to IT buyers and for good reason – they both speak the same language. IT vendors are typically not comfortable even approaching the ‘C’ suite because of the inverse – they each speak a different language. The ‘C’ Suite Thinks Wall Street but Vendors Think Tech Street. So, stop trying to get your buyers to speak your language and instead train your team to speak the ’C’ suite language.